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August 2023


By Project Stories

Hope in Limitation.

I sat on the cold tile with Sylivia and her two daughters: a 13-year-old and a nursing three-month-old. We were in Uganda on the top floor of the malnutrition clinic that The Hope Venture’s brilliant partner, Dr. Emma, had started. In the room outside rang the wails of aching and hungry children, but Sylivia remained…still. Peaceful.

Sylivia was at the clinic because her 13-year-old daughter, Shafic, had cerebral palsy, which led to her being malnourished. Sylivia said she had seen improvements in Shafic since coming to the clinic, and the staff had also educated Sylivia on how to continue feeding her kids with the produce from her own garden back home.

I was so grateful to know that the staff was not only able to help short-term with stabilizing Shafic, but also long-term by equipping Sylivia with the know-how of keeping her kids fed.

It’s people like Dr. Emma and the clinic staff who give me hope that in my limited capacity to help the world, there are people like Sylivia and Shafic who are being reached, cared for, and known by our partners.

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