The Backbone Team.


We say 100% goes.

So how does this work you ask? It only can work because of an incredible team of donors who have joined together to support all of the overhead costs of running this nonprofit. When you give $10 to a backpack, all ten of those dollars go straight to India. All things like staff salaries, rent, postage, etc. are paid for by this team. They even cover the credit card fees on project donations so all of that donation can go to the project.

Why do we do it this way? We do it because we want you to know exactly where your donation is going. So if you want to sponsor a student in Kenya, we want you to know that your money is going to paying for that student’s education, not paying for our staff Taco Tuesday.

So if you have been a part of this crazy thing we call The Hope Venture, and you want to help us bring hope and dignity to even more people around the world, join the Backbone Team and help us build a strong organization for even more people to be a part of! Whether you hop in at $1/month or $1000/month you are a part of the team!


The Backbone Team

Backbone Donors