Empowering Dreams.

Velma is a driven student with an outstanding discipline and outgoing personality. She takes pride in dressing professionally, and presenting herself well. She is calm, talented, and brilliant in her studies. She has a sense of compelling confidence, and it is what sets her apart from the majority of students at her school. In fact, Velma attends Christian Eminent Academy, which is the school that our Kenya Ag Project provides some produce to to help offset the cost of their school lunches. She was even voted for the most discipled, dedicated, and presentable in her school…this girl is a rockstar!

Despite these achievements, however, she comes from a difficult background. After her parents’ painful divorce a few years ago, she was left to be raised by her aunt, who is married with three children of her own to raise. This transition was painful, as she grappled with the effect of moving to live under the care of an individual who wasn’t her parent. Despite these challenges in the transition, Velma dedicated herself to being a responsible student. She remained steadfastly resilient in the face of grief, and continued to press toward her goals. Much of her drive comes from a desire to unify her family again, and see them all come together.

Even though she has been blessed with being able to live with her aunt, she still faces challenges in having her basic needs met. However, thanks to the partnership between our Kenya Ag Project and Christian Eminent school, getting a daily school lunch is one less thing she has to worry about. Food is fuel, and hopefully this food can help fuel her to do well in school and achieve her dream of being a neurosurgeon.

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