Making an Impact for Change and Providing Relief.

Flavia is a pleasant, imaginative, and bright first-grade student. She loves studying math and science and enjoys normal kid things, like coloring and dancing. Her parents, Francis and Linda, raised her as an only child in their devout Christian family. Her father is a small entrepreneur, but he struggles to fulfill their basic needs through his business. His dream was to sustain his family and his business, while also trying to find a way to ensure Flavia had a good education. Recently, with inflation so high it made it difficult to invest in Flavia’s education and provide for the family at the same time. Although he wanted to do it on his own and find a way through entrepreneurship, things were just too difficult. So Francis did one of the hardest things to do: he asked for help. Francis reached out to our partners in India, asking them for help to assist in providing finances for Flavia’s education.

As a result of Francis taking the bold step in reaching out, Flavia was able to get a school backpack and other school supplies from our Backpack Project. Her parents were thankful that The Hope Venture could come alongside their family in providing aid for her education. She has dreams of being a scientist in the future and is very disciplined in her studies. Francis and Linda recognize The Hope Venture’s role in positively impacting the growth of not only their daughter but the community around them.

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