Keerthana & Rashi

“They have never received a gift like this in their lifetime.” – Koshy

It’s hard for us to imagine how $15 for a backpack of school supplies can make such a difference in someone’s life. We often take our education for granted and can’t imagine living where some children, like 12-year-old Jayanti, take their own lives because their parents can’t afford even 16 cents for one pencil and notebook that would be in this backpack. We are seeking to end such desperation. We are seeking to increase the odds of getting an education and escaping a life of poverty.

For just $15, our Backpack Project provides a year’s worth of school supplies to a needy boy or girl in India or Bangladesh. The supplies are purchased from local vendors, assisting even more locals and avoiding shipping costs. Lastly, all the backpacks are distributed through local pastors and leaders who have ongoing involvement in these kids’ lives, caring for the families and showing them a love that often they have never experienced before.


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Updated through Q3 2023 // 100% of Project Donations go overseas


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