Hope After a Life-Changing Accident.

James is a highly disciplined, organized, and passionate student. He enjoys his studies in school, and takes pride in his education. He dreams of completing his education thoroughly and getting a well-paying job so that he can better support his family with being the first-born son. James was diligently pursuing his dreams, until one day they came to a crashing halt. His father got in a bad accident, which left him in a vegetative state for a long period of time. For a season, he was in a coma and his family feared he wouldn’t wake up. Thankfully, his father did wake up, but ever since his life has never been the same. His father was not able to walk after the accident, and to this day he crawls everywhere to get around. His father’s accident was life-changing for James and his family.

He was unable to focus on his studies as diligently as before, with the weight of having to help provide financially for his family hanging over him daily. He began to carry the heavy burden of his family, knowing that he needed to provide for them since his dad couldn’t anymore. He also began to worry how he would continue to pay for his schooling. James still did his best to show up to class on time and maintain his commitment to his education. During this time, James got connected to The Hope Venture. We were able to bring hope to James and come alongside him by connecting him with a sponsor who would cover his school fees. James is now connected to people who care about him, and he lives with relief of not having to worry about the fees of school. While the pain of his dad’s accident still lingers over him, he can continue his education without the financial burden.

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