“I want to touch someone’s life like mine was impacted” – Rajiya

These non-formal education centers have been a tremendous help to kids, many whose parents lack even an elementary school education. The family often earns so little money that school is often unimaginable. Yet now children have recaptured their hope. They’ve learned the skills they needed, passed the entrance exams, then gone on to succeed in schools where their dreams have started to come alive. Years into the project, we find kids who faced so many injustices now wanting to become police officers, another whose mom was so sick that he dreams of being a doctor, still others that want to be teachers and more.

The India Non-Formal Schools Project improves the education in slum areas by providing schooling and raising awareness of the importance of an education. Non-formal schools are established within the slums for young children in order to prepare them to go on to government school. We fund two schools completely for a total of roughly $26,000/year.



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