“There is a great need for kits to our poor women” – Tsongo

Can you imagine not being allowed into the hospital to deliver your baby because you were not able to afford the $7 worth of basic supplies they require you to bring? This is the case for many women in Uganda who are turned away. In partnership with Dr. Emma, we’re able to help women have safe deliveries.

The Mama Kit Project serves women in Uganda. For pregnant women who live in poverty, it is difficult to have a safe birth in Uganda. If a woman in Uganda is pregnant and shows up to the hospital for delivery without her own medical supplies, she can get turned away at the door. This leads to dangerous and unsanitary deliveries, which can result in the death of the mother, child, or both. For $7, a Mama Kits come full of all the supplies these mamas need to ensure a safe delivery, which keeps them and the baby safe.


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