“Now we are not seeing the extended bellies” – Musa

Did you know malnutrition can cause extended bellies and receding hairlines? We work in areas where this can be common due to the poverty. But amazingly, medical workers like Musa have seen our goat project make a difference! The milk from the goats provides sustenance to families and individuals in extreme poverty. Sometimes the goats reproduce. Sometimes they produce so much milk that owners can sell the milk to buy clothes and school supplies for their kids. We love this project.

For $60, our Goat Project serves those in Kenya living in extreme poverty. Many of the families are affected by severe droughts. Due to the harsh climate, it is difficult for some animals to survive, but goats are resilient. This project provides free goats to families in need, which then serves as a source of income and nutrition. The region where this project is located is home to widespread poverty and malnutrition.


The Goat Project

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Updated through Q3 2023 // 100% of Project Donations go overseas


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