She has also trained 1000 farmers.

Immaculate was one of the first young women we were able to get training for at Agromax just a few years ago. She did so well at the training that they hired her on to become a trainer herself. Since then she’s trained over 1000 farmers. She has a steady job, an income, and a self-esteem that has grown to understand her own value and dignity. She is just one of fifty women that The Hope Venture has provided for in this way. For a full story of another recipient, click the picture of Sarah.

Agromax is a 6 month agriculture training program in Uganda. We partner with Agromax to train girls who have had teen pregnancies and had to drop out of school. Because these women became pregnant at such a young age, they struggle providing for their children. Agromax helps equip these moms with agricultural knowledge and training, so now they’ll have a sustainable skill that can provide employment, sustenance, and stability for them and their children. $600 covers the cost of the entire program for one mother.

We are not currently accepting funds for this project. Instead, check out Wakisa Skills Training!


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