“If it weren’t for you, I’d be six feet under” – Abraham

Over 60% of high schoolers in Kenya are out of school due to the costs involved with secondary education. They simply can’t afford it. In Uganda the need is different, as we specifically help girls who’ve gotten pregnant and had to leave school. But through the years since we started these projects, we can’t count the number of high schoolers who have sincerely thanked us, told us they’d be dead like their friends in gangs, told us they’re the first in their family to get to go to high school, told us they’re no longer afraid, told us they don’t worry about getting chased out of school for lack of fees anymore. Sponsorship has meant the world to them.

For $55/month, you can link arms and walk alongside one of these students to help them pursue an education. Your donation covers housing, food, education, counseling, and support for one high schooler. In addition, you can simply donate $150 to one student to help them go to camp.


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