Extending our Tables to Provide Meals for Hundreds of Kids in India.

It’s Thanksgiving! You know what that means: turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, the whole smorgasbord. Throughout November, many of us will gather with family and friends around good food and drink. At the same time, hundreds of kids will gather every day at our Feeding Centers in India and we want to extend our table to them. By using our own Thanksgiving dinners, we can raise money to keep daily meals coming and bellies fed. You can create your own fundraiser to raise money, or you can click the donate button and support the campaign as a whole!

Request a Free Fundraiser Kit.

If you’re hosting a Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving meal, we’ll send you your own Extend the Table kit with all the supplies you need to invite your friends and family into being part of operating our feeding centers. Inside you’ll find question cards, invitations, a fundraiser donation tracker, and more! There will even be a short script that you can use to help make the ask to donate. Request yours here!