Bringing Job Resources to Women in Kigali.

This three year project seeks to lift up vulnerable women involved in sex work to equip them to find stable professions. In partnership with DuHope in Kigali, Rwanda, the health of mind, body and spirit will be nurtured simultaneously. We will start with outreach, assessment and initial care. We will establish a cohort of roughly 20 women, providing reproductive and menstrual health training as well as counseling throughout. In Phase 1, we will provide Hygiene & Dignity Kits to ensure they have the resources needed. Next, we will provide healthy meals for them and their children each weekday for a year, while they learn how to work and manage basic life skills. Lastly, we will provide business training, test ideas with them, and help them launch their own microbusiness.
$50 provides a Hygiene & Dignity Kit for one woman in Phase 1.


Rwanda Cohort

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