We’ve seen the hunger first hand.

All over the world. Some kids are starving. Some kids are getting sick. Some kids are dying. In fact, someone dies of hunger every 6 seconds. Indeed, more kids are hungry in India than anywhere else in the world and we at The Hope Venture have strong partnerships in India. How can we turn a blind eye? We’ve seen the hunger first hand… we feel compelled to love with action.

Our Feeding Center Project provides free, daily nutritious meals for kids who live in an area of extreme poverty and don’t have enough food. We currently run 8 centers in India. Each feeding center provides daily food for about 50-90 hungry kids and adults. In addition, we come alongside these kids, provide tutoring at the center, and seek to turn the direction of their lives. Provide a meal for just 33 cents, feed a child for a year for $120, or do the same for $10/month!


Adventure 1 // Kannur

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Updated through Q3 2021 // 100% of Project Donations go overseas


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